The Wellness Community provides professionally led programs of support and education to people with cancer and their loved ones no matter what kind of cancer or where they are on their cancer journey. We are here for people newly diagnosed, during and after treatment, through long-term survivorship or advanced disease.

All programs at The Wellness Community are provided at no cost to the participant. At The Wellness Community, you can choose to participate in a variety of programs designed to help you learn more about cancer and its treatment. You can also connect with and learn from others as you face cancer together. In 2008, we reached more than 1,500 people who made more than 13,000 visits to our comfortable, homelike environment.

Wellness Community Basics

  • Support for the emotional and social concerns through diagnosis, treatment, long-term recovery, survivorship, and advanced disease.
  • Education about what to expect with treatment and its side effects, how to cope and to navigate difficult decisions that often accompany cancer, and how to live well as a survivor.
  • Hope gained through being with others who are facing cancer survivorship together.